Thinking about starting your own brand? You are at the right place.

I help influencers start their own fashion brand with the right positioning and a concept their followers will fall in love with

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Hey, You Don't Have To Only Rely On Promoted Posts To Generate Revenue

Trust me you don't !

You have an amazing community who loves you and who is just waiting for you to do something meaningful!

Your community loves what you do, NOT what you promote.

It hurts the relationship you spend so much time and effort to create and you only earn a small fraction of the value you create for other brands & products.

Imagine if you start your own brand and grow a meaningful & sustainable business your community loves.

How many more people would purchase what you create for them?

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You Have An Unfair Advantage

Here is one thing I know about you:

You have a vision and a strong identity (and the guts to do something different, otherwise you wouldn’t be here).

You are passionate and your followers love you and what you do.

They love your universe and they care about you.

You created a special relationship with them by spending countless hours producing awesome content they can relate to – and they love it!

Truth is, you already did the hardest part.

You know who your customers are and what they love
You have a voice that is listened to and that matters
You have a community who can help you iterate and define your concept

You already have all the ingredients to start a sustainable fashion brand. You just need to put them together!

What If You Could Rely On An Expert To Guide You?

What if I can guide you through a proven process so you can save months of useless trial and error + thousands of $$

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Someone with experience in creating concepts and designs

This is the type of experience that takes years to learn without help and there is no official title for it.

Someone Who Has Done It Before!

Someone who knows exactly what works, what doesn’t & who has worked with some of the most influential brands before.

Want to save time + get better results?

You can do it yourself but let’s face it… It will take you months to get your concept and designs right, if you ever get there…

Why not take a shortcut and get better results in just a few weeks?

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There is a catch!
I don't work with anyone...

I work only with my dream clients because I want to do my best work and have limited time to work 1-on-1 with clients.

I have some criteria, could you be a good fit?

See if you are a fit 👉

"Carmen, how can you help me?"

I have some criteria, could you be a good fit?

Let’s jump on a quick call so I can better understand your situation and recommend you the ideal solution.

The goals of this call:

- understand who you are and what you are trying to achieve
- see if there is a fit (availability, niche, audience...)
- recommend you the best solution based on your personality, stage, niche + other factors.

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If you don't, someone else will

3-4 people (on average) contact me for projects every week but I only have time to work with only 2-3 per month.

Will you be one of them?

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