About me

Hey, I am Carmen, a fashion designer with 11+ years experience. I help fashion brands, startups and individuals defining amazing concepts and creating meaningful products.

Carmen Kiss Portrait

I started to study fashion at the age of 14 as a part of my high school education in my home country in Hungary.

However, I was more interested in painting and ballet than pattern making skills that time.

After graduating, I continued to study fashion and started to work as a stylist with various photographers on various projects and editorials. I also worked simultaneously as a fashion blogger focusing on styling and trend forecasting for the online publication

After 3 years of working as a stylist and a fashion blogger, I moved back to Germany, my birth country. I attended painting courses for 2 years and started creating fashion illustrations. During this time, I drastically improved my drawing skills.

As much as I loved it, I felt I spent enough time on my artistic side. It was time for me to move one step further. I am a very ambitious person and I had one thing in my mind :

‚ÄúLet's create a collection!‚ÄĚ

I wanted to understand from A to Z how to create a garment. I wanted to know everything. Not only basic pattern making skills but I felt I needed to acquire a deep knowledge, the necessary craftsmanship to be able to express my vision through clothes, through my creations.

When I got accepted at ESMOD international fashion university, I changed country again and moved to Paris to follow my dream. I had one goal in my mind: improving my skills to become a "real fashion designer".

My studies were mainly focused on women’s ready-to-wear. From sportswear to tailoring, it covered a wide range of ready-to-wear categories. For my final year, I chose a specialization in lingerie and I absolutely fell in love with it!

I won a fashion contest during my 3rd year with Maison Lesage (Chanel Group). As I was developing my final year collection, they invited me to learn traditional haute couture embroidery technics and I got the opportunity to use the knowledge they offered me in my collection.

For my final year collection, I went back to my roots as a painter in order to create my textile by turning my paintings into digital print and I mixed them with delicate embroideries.

You can find out more about my artistic vision here.

My collection has been highlighted in the international trend forum at Interfilière and I became Young Designer Talent;

My hard work was paying off but I was far from sitting back and celebrating.

I felt I‚Äôm just ‚Äústarting my journey‚ÄĚ.

There was so much more to learn.

And I wanted to learn.

So I tried different fields to explore my creativity and improve my skills.

I worked with a lot of people, a lot of brands, always learning something in the process:

  • I had the opportunity to create collections, from sketch to production with a design studio
  • I created tailor made pieces and improved my pattern-making and sewing skills in a design atelier
  • I worked with handmade based digital prints in a print design studio
  • I created concepts, moodboards and did trend forecasting with a concept design studio
  • I worked as a stylist for editorials and showrooms during fashion week
  • I started my own luxury brand
  • I launched a kickstarter campaign for a made-to-measure lingerie brand

Some of the brands I worked with: John Galliano, Rick Owens, Victoria’s Secret, Hugo Boss, CalvinKlein, Etam, Concepts Paris, Falconeri, American Vintage….

All this experience allowed me to have a deep understanding of how the fashion industry really works.

I know how to turn a rough idea at the corner of one's mind into a visual product as part of an outstanding brand DNA.

I also know what not to do.

I have seen a lot of people who think they will quickly earn money without doing anything meaningful.

People who have no authenticity, no vision and no values.

I have seen them fail. I have seen them close their shops wondering why they failed.

I believe that independent fashion brands are the future.

Human centered brands, with a strong design concept.

I strongly believe that bringing meaningful products to the market is the key to success in the fashion industry.

So I settled a ‚Äúnew vision‚ÄĚ for myself: to become a revolution to change this industry for the better by helping people creating meaningful concepts.

I now know this is what I am truly passionate about.

Helping people not just to create an amazing product but a lifestyle!

Will you take this challenge with me?

Are you ready to jump-in?

I can’t wait to guide you along this exciting, creative journey.

Much love,


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